Taurianova, May 12, 2020.
For me, this is a dramatic time that is characterized by confused prospects, great uncertainty and a suspended future. In the face of this pandemic tragedy, which is shaking the world, art has become an even more pressing existential need, for both those who create it and those who observe and enjoy it.

Humanity will certainly undergo some change. Historically, most great leaps forward generally occurred after catastrophes. It is as if man, thanks to his instinct to survive, rediscovered the best part of himself. This is a time for reflection. Now, more than ever, we need artists, philosophers, entrepreneurs, politicians and economists who are motivated by humanism. This pandemic has damaged all categories and activities, above all the ones that require the presence of the public, as well as the arts, which generally live of this. For me, art means sharing; this is the main reason why I find it impossible to think of great digital exhibitions.

I firmly believe in the relationship, or rather the synergy, between ours bodies and works of art. Watching an exhibition or visiting an online museum may be good for educational purposes, but it has nothing to do with vibration or interaction. I do not want an online biennale. Probably, a transformation will take place, and nothing will be as before. My hope is that man, after some deep reflection, will rediscover his consciousness and achieve a greater degree of awareness that will lead him to respect and love the wonderful planet that hosts him. Through art, the artist tries to recover what is essential for the world, and art will tell our history, as always.

Cesare Berlingeri


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