Michele Zappino Nudo sdraiato

Dancers, horses and portraits at the Minotauro Fine Art Gallery, monumental works at the Castle in Cavernago


Without skillful hands, the most lively feeling is paralyzed”: this is what Rodin wrote about sculptors, because, in his opinion, they should be able to derive characters and features from blocks of stone or clay with pathos and creativity.  In Michele Zappino’s sculptures, one can find the same pathos Rodin seemed to inject into his own characters. In addition to the figure, which he seems to extract from shapeless matter, the sculptor pays special attention to the personification of his ethereal dancers, conveying the gracefulness of their natural poses as only true artists can do. In front of these works, the observer can meditate on and contemplate them, approaching a refined idiom. As in the classical tradition, elegant interpretive skills emerge from bronze, marble, terracotta and wood. Zappino’s inspiration and gracefulness will be celebrated in two connected exhibitions that are both called “L’estro e la grazia”.


On the agenda there is also a performance during which the artist will give life to a shapeless block of clay


The former will take place at Minotauro Fine Art Gallery in Palazzolo sull’Oglio (BS) from October 5 to November 20 and will gather terracotta and marble works that portray dancers, horses and people. The second will take place in the castle of Cavernago (BG) from October 12 to November 25 and will feature Zappino’s monumental works. In the medieval setting that has been hosting important artistic events for years, the sculptor will retrace with naturalness and refinement the stages that made him known to the general public. In addition to the exhibition, which focuses on the artist’s forty-year-long career, the curator and the artist decided (as it already happened in the past) to stage a performance that will allow visitors to witness the birth of a work of art and to see how the sculptor defines the poses of subjects. During the performance, the artist will transform an inert block of clay into a character, skillfully shaping, compacting and smoothing clay with his fingertips to give life to a plastic figure that can arouse emotions and feelings. This one-of-a-kind event will allow the public to participate in the artist’s secret moments of creation, without the peculiarities of his craft being concealed. Rooted in the classicism of his training years with Francesco Messina, the idiom of Zappino’s sculpture unfolds into a multifaceted path in which technique mastery and a new way to combine form and content convince us of this artist’s great talent.


Michele Zappino
L’estro e la grazia
Minotauro Fine Art Gallery
Palazzolo Sull’Oglio (BS)
5/10 – 20/11
Castello di Cavernago (BG)
12/10 – 25/11
Curated by
Antonio Falbo

Salvatore Falbo

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