Daniel Steegman Mangrane Orange Orange 2001 Installazione Pirelli HangarBicocca Milano 2019 ph Agostino Osio

Holograms, installations and sounds aspire to challenge our comfort zone


The A Leaf-Shaped Animal Draws The Hand exhibition pursues the reconfiguration of our mental processes, in a debate that questions the relationship between the “I” and the world. Until January 19, 2020, HangarBicocca houses the first solo show ever dedicated to Daniel Steegman Mangrané in Italy. With this exhibition the artist, who was born in Spain and then moved to Rio de Janeiro, tries to challenge our comfort zone. On display there will be 20 works whose purpose is to transform the observer through interactions between natural and artificial elements that intertwine and complement each other. Thus, daylight exceptionally bursts into the Shed and invades darkness, becoming part and parcel of the awareness of those who look, listen, touch, feel. The outside penetrates the inside and swells the atmosphere, which is cut by the semitransparent membranes of the site-specific Phantom Architecture installation, where locomotives were once manufactured. Defied by the wavy windows of a terrarium, the observer obsessively looks inside it to find the stick bug, the most representative instance of hybrid between plant and animal world.


Twenty works in the first italian solo show ever dedicated to the spanish artist who defies common sense


But while he is visiting A Transparent Leaf Instead of the Mouth, the observer forgets that he, too, is being observed; he deludes himself, he is pleased or gives up, in a spontaneous, circular motion that contrasts with the absolute mobility of camouflage. The subject/object is then invited to wear a visor in an empty space, thanks to which he enters the three-dimensional landscape of Phantom (Kingdom of all the animals and all the beasts is my name), which leads him to a rain forest and make him feel like an entity that was deprived of its body. In an experience that is at once intimate and public, the observer hovers between a dimension in which he exists and one in which he dematerializes, and where admiration for digitized biodiversity mixes with the ghostly uneasiness of black and white. An orange photo filter defines the 360-degree area of Orange Oranges, where it is possible to perform the familiar gesture of squeezing an orange to make some juice. At the end of this experience, the exterior environment poetically turns blue, due to a sight process of chromatic counter balancing. The paradoxes Mangranè has been creating since 1998 sabotage and challenge our perceptions and ontological patterns, in an adventure that features holograms, sculptures, installations, videos and sounds that, perhaps, will change us forever.


Daniel Steegmann
A leaf-shaped animal
Draws the hand

Hangar Bicocca
Curated by
Lucia Aspesi
Fiammetta Griccioli
Until 19/01/2020

Elena Altemura



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