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Recruitment is managed by a scientific committee of expert

The MAG (Mediolanum Art Gallery) project aspires to enhance the artistic heritage of our time through the scouting and promotion of Italian artists. The best exponents of Italy’s modern and contemporary art system have established an ethical network whose aim is to share promotion strategies by involving the best cultural and commercial operators in the Italian art market. Artists are selected by a scientific committee who focus not only on artistic and expressive features, but also on market potentialities. The combination between the artist’s expressive style and the work of consultants who are good at interpreting market trends makes this project unique: the gallery, the curators, the museums and Italian and international art dealers combine their skills to provide artists with cultural and strategic services. The project is the result of a collaboration between Spirale Milano, which was established in 1968, Art & Co. Gallery, which has been active for 25 years, Life Art Gallery, which devotes to art cinema, and MAG, and is supported by a scientific committee of museum directors – including Maurizio Vanni, the director of the L.U.C.C.A. Museum – and experts in art investment, such as Stefano Pirrone of Banca Mediolanum. Carlo Colombo is in charge of steering the project toward a new line that is more focused on art design.

The MAG project aspires to give a voice to those who use art to protest and tell people about the world and themselves. The primary mission of the project is to connect art dealers with artists, who too often cannot express their art because of the lobbying of galleries and museums that are becoming more and more closed in themselves. For years a network of galleries from all over Italy and abroad have been following a policy that pursues the overcoming of fruition barriers in order to open to the new global market. With two galleries in the US and exhibition spaces in Milan, Padua, Parma, Lecce, Rome and Battipaglia, MAG provides new opportunities to give a voice to contemporary art. Artists can benefit from important art fairs, special catalogues and targeted communication in Italian museums and international events, as well as from the support of a scientific committee whose members are all committed to interpreting the trends of contemporary art not in front of the artist, but by his side, to share a new path with him. The thirtieth edition of Arte Padova, which takes place from November 15 to 18, devotes three sections of the exhibition to the project. The artists who have been participating in the project over the last two years will be introduced to the public in Piazzetta Bussolin, the historic headquarters of Mediolanum Art Gallery in Padua, through an exhibition of works that were created specifically for this unmissable event. The art fair also features two events that aspire to establish a deeper connection with the public of Arte Padova and with mature and conscious collectors.

The first event takes place at Mediolanum Art Gallery and features nine artists who were chosen by the scientific committee of the project, whereas the second takes place in the Area dei didattici and introduces the public to the new direction of the project, to its potentialities and to the exhibition events it has in store. A prestigious exhibition schedule that emphasizes dialogue and direct contact in order to draw attention back to contemporary art, from both an expressive and a commercial perspective.

The artists of MAG Project

Luigi Aricò
Daniela Capuano (Fiò)
Claudio Fezza
Giuliana Maria Maddalena
Lena Gentile
Roberta Lioy
Andrea Natale
Maddalena Saponara
Immacolata Zabatti
Andrea Terenziani
Marlen Afef Altodè
Alessandro Allegra
Cosimo Allera
Gianfranco Amodeo
Mariacristina Ascarelli
Michele Barbaro
Marco Barberio
Graziella Belfiore
Giovanni Boccia
Lucia Bonelli
Laura Bruno
Ute Bruno
Letizia Caiazzo
Mario Cammarano
Concetta Carleo
Umberto Carotenuto
Angela Catucci
Flora Cefalo
Nadia Cesarini
Anna Ciufo
Gino Colapietro
Adriano Cuozzo
Alex Da Torres
Giorgio Della Monica
Maria Di Taranto
Nina Esposito
Piero Fabris
Francesco Fai
Rodolfo Fincato
Maurizio Galasso

Cinzia Gaudiano
Emanuela Giacco
Marco Gizzi
Gianfranco Gobbini
Giovanni Paolo Jannelli (Jagi)
Andrea La Casa
Geraldo La Fratta
Felice La Sala
Antonio Lanzetta
Mina Larocca
Maria Giovanna Laurita
Nicoletta Lembo
Matteo Lepore
Serena Lobosco
Gabriele Magrì
Vittorio Magrì
Maria Grazia Mancino
Alfonso Mangone
Chiara Maresca
Rosy Marino
Elvio Miressi
Franco Paletta
Alessandro Parisi
Anna Pellegrino
Luigi Pilato
Gianluigi Pitrolo
Ezio Ranaldi
Alfredo Razzino
Luigi Redavide
Maurizio Rinaudo
Francesco Russo
Glenda Safonte
Vito Sardano
Antonella Scaglione
Elia Severino
Luigi Sinisgalli
Elvira Sirio
Cristina Sodano
Francesco Tafuri
Vittorio Tapparini
Roberto Tastardi
Giorgio Varani
Pino Viscusi


MAG Mediolanum
Fino al 21/12

Edoardo Simonetti


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