01.MARCO NEREO ROTELLI, murales, poesia di/poem by Loretto Rafanelli

His original answers to the lockdown challenge

Marco Nereo Rotelli is certainly able to grab international attention. Over the years, he succeeded in establishing and cementing a steady relationship between art, different knowledge fields and poetry. According to Harald Szeemann, a commissioner of the Venice Biennale, this is an extension of his artistic context. Rotelli in Paris: like in many other capitals in the world, in Paris, where I have been living and working for years, Rotelli is very well known and esteemed for his spectacular installations and “disruptive” exhibitions. I became interested in his work and style thanks to an important light installation and a memorable exhibition of paintings on steel that took place, respectively, at the Petit Palais in 2000 and at Pantheon in 2002. In 2004, the Cartier Foundation invited Rotelli to create a bright garden on the occasion of the Soirées Nomades.

The installation of doors on the Avenue des Champs Elysées was impressive. I saw his works again in 2009, when he was the protagonist of the “Silent Writing” exhibition that took place at Espace culturel Louis Vuitton. In the current context of global uncertainty, here is Rotelli’s manifesto: “now more than ever, investing in beauty appears to be a duty, a responsibility that is not only aesthetic but also deeply ethical”. Shut in his house, Rotelli opened his mind and developed a project that is called “If you write a poem for me”: after receiving poems from all over the world, he faithfully transcribed them, in his personal style, on the walls of his house as well as on different objects and media (curated by Elena Lombardi with the collaboration of Marco Maini). Works will be donated to the “La Barca” Mario Luzi centre in Pienza, where Nino Petreni will arrange an exhibition.

Closed in his house, he devised the “If you write a poem for me” project and received lyrics from all over the world

There are many ideas and works Rotelli is fragility. From the fence of his garden, he created a work on plastic sheeting for The Trojan Donkey, an exhibition that is curated by Amin Gulgee and Adam Fahy-Majeed and that takes place in Karachi, Pakistan. With the same idea of automatic writing on canvas on mind, Rotelli participated in the Festival of Hope – The Versopolis Global Virtual Poetry Festival – in Ljubljana. He also created “Aria d’artista”, a series of performances for the “Il respiro dell’arte” project in Genoa, which is curated by Virginia Mastrolito. This will be a travelling exhibition. Rotelli also participates in the third online edition of “Art, Music and Poetry”, a project by Art Saves Us, in London. “The idea of the eternal beginning”, that is to say Rotelli’s ability to store content in new and incessant beginnings.

So, his art will unite with the verses of Adonis, Yang Lian, Muriel Augry, Roberto Mussapi, in the Henraux quarries (Stazzema – Lucca), for a moment-event that is dedicated to the beauty and fragility of the world. Thanks to the support and foresight of CEO Paolo Carli, the artist is designing some large marble slabs that will be carved and decorated with arabesques.

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