Lisa Borgiani Studio/project Bauhaus Master’s House, 2020

Project for the installation in the Master’s House


On April 1, 1919, the Staatliches Bauhaus opened in Weimar. The institution – whose name was chosen to recall the Medieval term Bauhütte, which referred to the lodge of masons – was devised by Walter Gropius. This famous art and design school, which was the successor of pre-war avant-gardes, became the main reference point for all the modern movements that pursued innovation in the field of design and architecture within rationalism and functionalism. In answer to a call that was launched on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the school, Lisa Borgiani will continue developing her installations, which merge art and architecture, proposing a new version of her Art of the net, a creation method that draws on architecture and rests upon a renewed relationship between technology and culture to define new lightweight and changeable spaces. The place is the teachers’ house, that Master’s House where teachers lived and worked during the founding years, turning the vision of the modern movement into a real life experience that was full in all its aspects. There is a certain level of continuity with the Bauhaus’s innovative experience and artistic experimentations; in fact, in this case, the Art of the net starts from the overcoming of a modularity that, in the teachers’ house installation, is understood as a system of processes and not as a regulation of sizes and shapes.


Art of the net becomes a meeting point for science, rationalism and architecture


The process through which the artist – but also the public – t ension the nets, exploiting specific points of the architecture, creates a structure that changes in size and shape through time and space, but whose creative process, which revolves around endless innovation, keeps the same, recalling the constant innovation that the Bauhaus pursued in its modern creative process. Through the Art of the net, architecture is turned into a meeting point where different arts and sciences can mix together. The use of transparent layers that unfold in volumes redefine space thanks to the laws of physics and mechanics that intervene when light, atmospheric conditions, or the public, interact with it in unexpected and unpredictable ways.  


A creative process that rests upon constant and typically modern innovation


A performance takes place on the stage of rational architecture, giving shape to a fabric that is coloured by painting and written in space by light and photography thanks to the music of time. The public can experience all this in the parts of the installation that are located in the common areas of the house, living a sensory experience that is scientifically and experimentally measured and stored in a sort of database that records it, like the score of a unique and unrepeatable performance. So, the Art of the net makes “collective” a synonym with participated. The artist is the medium that allows the public to participate in the work. The net is the medium of the work; form is its expression and strength is its quantification; whereas the space of rational architecture is its natural environment of expression. Info:

Alessandro Colombo




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