Asger Jorn

A new life to the wine cellar of the founder of Imaginist Bauhaus

Danish artist Asger Jorn is known as the founder of the Movement for Imaginist Bauhaus. He arrived in Albissola Marina with his wife Matie and their four children in April 1954, invited by the exponents of Movimento Nucleare Enrico Baj and Sergio Dangelo. On the hills of the Bruciati neighbourhood, Jorn found an abandoned farmhouse. In 1957, together with his friend and assistant Umberto Gambetta AKA Berto, he started rebuilding it and turning it into his own Eden and creative laboratory, which he decorated with a unique mix of painting, sculpture, ceramics, plants and flowers. Jorn loved the Ligurian food and the way in which Teresa Saettone – Berto’s wife as well as the keeper of the house and garden – used to cook it, but most of all he loved the red wines from Piedmont and Liguria. In particular, the Danish artist was able to taste a local red wine from Valle Arroscia that was then called Cosiate, which is obtained from the Ormeasco wine grape variety; he discovered it in Cosio di Arroscia when he toasted to the founding of the Internazionale Situazionista with Guy Debord in 1957.


In the early 2000s, during the renovation works in the Jorn Museum House, a number of empty bottles were found, which Berto used to bottle the wine of what they called Jorn Wine Cellar: a play for the artist, who even printed a label for their wine; the label came in four colours – yellow, blue, white and green – and Berto used to attached it to the bottles that were intended for everyday use and for the “Festa della capra”, a holiday Jorn had invented to celebrate the large ceramic works he did for Ceramiche San Giorgio. Thanks to the Tenuta Maffone winery, in a small strip of land that is not very far from Cosio di Arroscia the new “Jorn House Wine” was born. It is obtained from the Ormeasco di Pornassio grape variety and ages for eighteen months in the Jorn House cellar, in a ceramic barrel that was specially made by the Ligurian Clayver company. The magic of Jorn House and the tradition of the Maffone winery led to this unique, artist’s wine that is sold in limited edition. A collector’s item that will make you be born again.


Guido Andrea Pautasso

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