Vittorio Sgarbi

Because Quarrels increase Ratings

I want to defend Vittorio. Not that he needs it, of course, but today I think it right to be on his side. And now I will tell you why.

Because quarrelling tires. And to quarrel on TV is very tiring. It would be better to read Pavese and Montale, or to talk about Caravaggio and Van Gogh. However, people want to watch quarrels and arguments. Otherwise, they get bored.

My point is another: if you invite someone like Sgarbi to take part in your TV program, you do that because you expect him to have an argument with someone. You know that it does not take much to make him call someone a jerk or a slut, depending on whom he is quarrelling with. At that point, you, dear Mr. broadcast presenter, should not reproach him because he has got pissed off. It would be like reproaching Rocco Siffredi because he talked about sex, or Vissani because he mentioned a steak.

If you invite those people, you do that because you want them to talk about that.

Now you will say: why don’t they invite Sgarbi to let him talk about art? Answer: because very few people would be interested. Here are some examples based on Youtube views. A video in which Vittorio talks about art has 9.646 views, whereas the one in which he quarrels with Alessandra Mussolini has 1 million views. The video in which he talks about Caravaggio has 5.123 views, whereas the one in which he attacks Benigni has 2,2 million views; the one in which he explains Leonardo’s Last Supper has 65.724 views, whereas the one in which he is quarrelling with a guy called Barbacetto has 4,2 million views. Sgarbi excited about Italian art: 7.365 views. Sgarbi quarrelling with Emma Garrone and Massimo Giletti: 2 million views.

If you have some spare time, take a look at the other videos.

Who is to blame? The broadcast presenter or Vittorio Sgarbi? None of the two, actually. Ever since the remote control was invented, the fault has been of the audience.

I am convinced that Sgarbi would rather appear on Rai Uno to speak of Lorenzo Monaco, rather than to quarrel. He would certainly prefer reading Leopardi and Cardarelli to venting his spleen on those who stand in front of him. The problem is that people would be interested in him no more. Especially those who say, “well, when he talks about art I could listen to him for hours, but when he quarrels I change channel immediately”. A pack of lies. They would be the first to change channel, if Sgarbi talked about art.

Figures speak for themselves. People want blood and violence, not draperies and Renaissance chiaroscuros.

That’s why I am on Vittorio Sgarbi’s side. He is forced to insult and rail against anyone not for his own glory, but for the sake of audience ratings and, so, for us.

And to think that he could talk to us about Robert Longhi…

Carlo Vanoni

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