Contini Contemporary Opening Exhibition The cutting of Light Gioni David Parra

An investigation into creation to unveil the mysteries of cosmogony

The experience of light permeates Gioni David Parra’s investigation into creation. “The Cutting of Light” is the name of the exhibition that is running at Contini Contemporary in London. It retraces the artistic career of the maestro and his fascination with the cosmogonic myth. His sensitivity helps the artist synthetize his research into shapes, materials and lights elegantly, in the act of revealing the mysteries of creation. The artist exposes the heart of raw and polished marble, finally freeing it from gravity and coldness and letting it stretch upwards. Imperceptible splinters and fragments are decomposed and reassembled; sometimes, they resemble a pipe organ that is engaged in performing a symphony of colours. The contrast between the gold leaf and the materiality of his pictorial sculptures recalls the beginning of life, which was caused – according to the Old Testament – by an alternation of light and darkness. A path of truth unfolds in the refusal of geometry and perfection: Parra enhances the basic features of the materials he uses and shows respect for their nature in his search for pure and indisputable essence. The sun, the moon and the stars are the sources of this experience in Matterlight, NOCUBE, MatterConceptual and Bladelight: they are the artist’s archè, and they are constantly evolving. “The mystery of the beginning of all things is insoluble by us,” said Charles Darwin. To contradict him is impossible, but thanks to art, we feel some fresh air is coming in from an open window, suggesting that there is life out there.


The intimate heart of marble is exposed and freed from gravity and coldness, becoming capable of stretching upwards


Da sinistra Fulvio Granocchia Cristian Contini
Da sinistra Fulvio Granocchia Cristian Contini
The new Contini Contemporary

Contini Contemporary results from the combination of Cristian Contini’s love of contemporary art with Fulvio Granocchia’s love of ancient art. The two partners – both expert collectors and promoters of art all over the world – decided to open a new gallery in London, moved by the desire to give a voice to the most interesting artists on the international art scene. In the heart of Mayfair, after an experience of over 4 years in London, attention is drawn to a multicultural project that is addressed to a demanding and varied public. A portfolio that ranges from great maestros to young talents, guided by the taste of a partnership that focuses on sustainable and cultural projects. The premises are those of a great artistic program, which will whet the appetites of all generations of art lovers.

Gioni David Parra
The cutting of light
Contini Contemporary
A cura di
Francesca Centurione
Scotto Boschieri
Fino al 31/12

Elena Altemura


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