Franca Pisani a Montecassino


Dom Ogliari, this year is the 75th anniversary of the destruction of the Abbey of Montecassino: the importance of memory.

In a room of the Museum of the Abbey, visitors can already re-experience the tragic bombing that destroyed the monastery on February 15, 1944. Blow ups of the bombing are preceded by images showing the places and life before it and followed by blow ups portraying the different stages of reconstruction. The power of causing death of the part destruens is neutralised by the pars construens and its vital element, which is the actual winner. And yet, this can happen only thanks to a transfusion of memory, something which cannot be bypassed, but which interacts as a form of teaching and warning.

In addition to this, the Abbey is now housing an exhibition intended to encourage further reflection.

The installation Franca Pisani has created for the exhibition, which is curated by Roberto Capitanio, is focused on the motto of the Abbey of Montecassino, Succisa virescit (once cut, it sprouts up again).

This leitmotiv reveals the aspiration for rebirth that lies at the core of the exhibition.

In fact, the message Franca Pisani’s artistic installation conveys to us is that the epitome of the destruction of Montecassino does not lie in ruins, devastation and death, but rather in the paradoxical dawning of a new future that was already throbbing to the heart of the disaster itself. It is this feeling that gets the better of our minds: the power of rebirth. The emotions that Pisani’s installation arouses in us are not limited to the condemnation of the barbarism of war, but they also make us more open to actually contribute to the creation of those conditions that can ensure the flowering of lasting peace and a bright future. The reasons for hope are reinvigorated, those reasons that – due to a mysterious alchemy of the spirit – are rekindled after each adversity, like a fragile and delicate flower that peeps out among the stones of the desert to seek light and life. Succisa virescit!

Diego Cicciarella

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