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Third Millennium Patronage
A leading business with two centuries of history in the processing of marble




2019 is a especially important year for Henraux and its activities; this business has always been promoting the creation of works of art that succeed in combining and interpreting the territory, its thousand-year history, and the special relationship between marble and art. Henraux is an excellent business with two centuries of history in the processing of marble; it is a world leader in the field, and its name has become synonymous with innovation and tradition. Its plants are some of the most innovative in the world and make use of cutting-edge technologies; its skilled workers know marble inside out. Collaborations with world-famous sculptors is part of this meaningful artistic and productive context,” this is what Paolo Carli – the president of Henraux Spa – stated about his business’ involvement in artistic projects and exhibitions of works by artists such as Helidon Xhixha and Park Eun Sun.




In collaboration with the City of Forte dei Marmi, Henraux has contributed to the organization of the STEEL AND STONE. The Energy of Matter exhibition. The show, which is curated by Beatrice Audrito, is dedicated to Helidon Xhixha and features a nucleus of monumental steel and marble sculptures.This year, Henraux continues collaborating with Toscana Aeroporti; together, they have opened the fifth edition of VolareArte, thanks to which some works by Park Eun Sun have been placed in the airports of Pisa and Florence. Hosting thousands of people everyday, these two airports provide great visibility to these marble sculptures. Well-established Korean artist Park has been living in Versilia for years and has been collaborating with Henraux for a long time. His works stand out for the purity of geometrical forms and the two-toned stone materials they are made of. A chromatic layering that calls to mind the façades of great Renaissance buildings as well as the elegance of eastern visual suggestions. Park Eun Sun’s works that were made in collaboration with Henraux are also featured in two important exhibitions, one at the Art of the World Gallery in Houston (it gathers twenty works including two monumental sculptures) and one in Soul, where a solo show will open on August 9, featuring nine monumental works, six of which are new. Paolo Carli finished by saying, “Henraux was born with a vocation for art and industry, as our two hundred years of history prove. Architecture, Design and Art are the heart of our business”.

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