Nadia Fanelli - Last Snow 80x80, Tecnica mista su tavola

You’d better invest in Beauty

I have a dear friend; he is an art lover, just like me, and we share the same view of collecting, which relies on the research of interesting young artists with consistent technical skills and an outstanding developmental paths. Last year, he invited me to take a look at Nadia Fanelli on the internet and asked for my opinion.

Pleasantly surprised by and attracted to what I saw, together with my friend I immediately decided to arrange a meeting with the artist, willing to delve deeper into her work, her story, and her plans for the future.

We met a calm, kind person, with a constantly developing stylistic personality and a mind open to new challenges, which we presented to her promptly.

Her paintings are figurative and abstract at once; from a distance, images are recognisable in spite of the liquid, haphazard surface of the painting, which consists in a play of fluctuating lines that, when seen from very near, appear almost wholly abstract.

Some of her paintings are chaotic and full of characters, whereas others feature just one individual; in both cases, the observer always perceives the loneliness of the human being who lives absorbed in his own reality, which is subjective and, often, misrepresented and different from the objective reality that surrounds him.

In many works, figures are portrayed from behind, as if the artist wanted to invite the observer to enter the canvas and become part of a contemporary world characterised by constant and sudden change, in which values of the past and now assumed certainties are called into question, and uncertainty is allowed to prevail. The juxtaposition of hues and colours also contributes to represent a landscape that inspires stillness and creates atmospheres that are decidedly beyond reality.

In November, Nadia Fanelli took part in the Michelangelo Buonarroti international award, an important event the region of Tuscany dedicates to all kinds of art, from narrative and poetry, to sculpture, photography and painting. The artist from Mantua won the first prize in painting with her Last Look work.

In the medium and long term, and seen from a purely financial perspective, the profit margins for Nadia Fanelli’s works are remarkable. Certainly, to purchase one of her works means to bring home a joyful sight, and those who are looking for beauty, elegance and style, will not be disappointed.

Luca Giraldo

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