Daniele Basso Gabriel 2019 Teatro del Silenzio Lajatico ph. Stefano Ceretti

A solo show in the Square of Lajatico and at Palazzo del Comune


After two days of pure entertainment, art and music, the curtain fell on Andrea Bocelli’s Teatro del Silenzio on July 29. Now at its fifteenth edition, the event featured dozens of artists. Led by artistic director Alberto Bartalini and director Luca Tommassini, they were able to give life – in a sort of magical alchemy – to a high quality show that, as City Sound & Events announced, went sold out in a few days, attracting an international audience. For the first time, however, the general public will be able to enjoy the show. The performance will be broadcasted on national TV on September 14, after a TV special. So everything finished on July 29. No more stage, lights, sound systems, artists and workers.  But something is left, in addition to the emotion that still vibrates in the hearts of those who attended the concert.


An exciting alliance with the vocalisms of Andrea Bocelli and his guests


Until June 2020, the amphitheater in the heart of Tuscan nature will be watched over by Daniele Basso’s Gabriel, the winged man whose imposing and benevolent presence accompanied the performances of Bocelli and his guests (including Mika and his son Matteo). Gabriel is a 15 metre high steel sculpture that was made in collaboration with Laseryacht (curated by Matteo Graniti). Thanks to its elegance and power, the statue has become a bastion of the visions that have come to life in the theatre, making a great impression on critics and public alike. Gabriel encapsulates the two tenets of Basso’s poetics: mirror surfaces, thanks to which everyone can become a part of the work and of its message, and folds, which are a physical expression of change, which is the only true constant in life and stands as a metaphor for the complexity of reality. These elements are also present in the artist’s “In volo” solo show that will be running in the square of Lajatico and in the rooms of Palazzo comunale until September 15. The exhibition, which is curated by Matteo Graniti and directed by Alberto Bartalini, gathers about twenty works by Basso, in which a few significant strokes convey all the impetuous power of his production. Basso’s collaboration with Teatro del Silenzio was also a chance for him to contribute to the causes the Andrea Bocelli Foundation supports. The money made from the sale of Ali di Libertà at the auction that took place at the Celebrity Fight Night on July 28 – a charity marathon the Bocelli family have been promoting for several years – have been entirely donated to the Foundation.


Daniele Basso
In volo
Palazzo Comunale
Curated by
Matteo Graniti
Directed by
Alberto Bartalini

Elena Altemura


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